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Export to International Markets

Introduce your business to
new markets around the globe.

Are you ready to find overseas markets for your business? It makes perfect business sense for those looking to increase revenues and expand their visibility in the global marketplace.

Our Export Marketing Assistance Service (EMAS) helps you find sales agents or distributors in the Canadian, European, South African, and Israeli markets. By providing local, real-time intelligence, our foreign-based consultants help identify the best possible parties to represent your company's sales interests abroad.

With funding from the Small Business Administration's State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) program, businesses in select industries may also qualify for help entering the Chinese and Korean markets. In addition to sponsoring trade missions and events, we will help you to protect intellectual property, understand regulations and trade finance, and access local expertise.

For more information about the STEP Program, email For all other export questions, email Lennox Ruiz at